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Advancing precision medicine in the digital age requires solutions developed in the IT and software sector, e.g. big data, machine learning, IT security, data protection, and cross-enterprise collaboration. The PERMIDES project aims at bringing together SMEs from the bio-pharmaceutical and IT sector to advance precision medicine through the development of novel digital solutions along the biopharmaceutical value chain. SMEs participating in the PERMIDES project can increase competitiveness and benefit from an innovation voucher scheme that will provide up to EUR 60,000 per project. About 90 innovation projects will be supported by the voucher scheme.

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14 Mar 2017

Die 7. Ci3 Clusterkonferenz zum Thema "Individualisierte Immunintervention – vom wissenschaftlichen Konzept zur klinischen Umsetzung" findet am Dienstag, 14.03.2017 im ZDF-Konferenzzentrum in Mainz statt. Die Anmeldung zur Konferenz ist ab sofort bis zum 9. März 2017 möglich. Die Teilnahme ist kostenfrei.


We connect partners from pharma, biotech and academia.

The Ci3 strategy focuses on developing patient-individualized immunotherapies and -diagnostics.

The Ci3 strategy is developed, implemented and coordinated by the Ci3 e.V. and the Ci3 Management Company.

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