CIMT – An education and networking platform for individualized immune intervention

CIMT – An education and networking platform for individualized immune intervention

The Association for Cancer Immunotherapy  (CIMT) was founded in 2002 and is the largest European education and networking platform focusing exclusively on the immunological therapy of cancer. The objectives of CIMT are (i) to promote training by organizing scientific meetings, (ii) to foster research, thus improving the clinical development of immunotherapies and diagnostic tests in the field of tumor immunology and (iii) to facilitate national and international collaborations. The overarching goal of CIMT is to improve conditions for the development and application of innovative cancer immunotherapies.


Project goals:

CIMT aims to further expand the regional networking and training platform CIMT and its annual CIMT-conference, using it to effectively disseminate activities of the Ci3 cluster partners. Sustainable top-quality training and retaining of technical and managerial personnel in the region, as well as the initiation of collaborations which extend outside the cluster region, are also important goals. Specifically, the plan is to organize scientific meetings and workshops on topics relevant to the cluster ("personalized immune intervention") and to foster collaborations. In this way, the CIMT platform offers the cluster partners local, cost effective and efficient training and networking opportunities by gathering the world's leading experts together in one spot. Other activities include enlarging the working groups in the fields of regulatory research and biomarker standardization, and the establishment of working group on commercialization of novel technologies, and a patient academy. At international meetings, CIMT satellite-sessions will also be organized in order to promote the international development of the Association.


  • Education
  • Networking
  • Working Groups
  • Regulation
  • Biomarkers
  • personalized medicine