Modular project- and alliance-management-tool for pharmaceutical and diagnostic development

Modular project- and alliance-management-tool for pharmaceutical and diagnostic development

Projectile Synergy is an innovative, three-year leading-edge cluster project funded by the Leading-Edge Cluster Competition. It uses the combined know-how of the software manufacturer Information Desire Software GmbH and of the Fraunhofer ICT-IMM in order to expand the modular project management-ERP software solution "Projectile" by three independent modules. These modules will contain portfolio- and alliance-management, development and implementation of grants management as well as some industry-specific and functional adaptations of processes and workflows for pharmaceutical and diagnostic development.


The software "Projectile" by the company Information Desire Software GmbH has been available on the market since 1998. Its modules cover the entire life cycle of a project - from planning and implementation to completion. Projectile also offers support for all relevant main and auxiliary processes of a service provider. The software is being upgraded in co-operation with the Fraunhofer ICT-IMM and the partners named below.

The newly developed software "Projectile Synergy" will meet the following requirements:

  • Software solution for managing the cluster
  • ERP solution for the members of the cluster
  • Software solution for companies and institutions from the pharmaceutical industry


  • Contact and Event Management (CRM)
  • Human Resources (HR )
  • Document Management
  • Multi-Project and Portfolio Management
  • Alliance, Contract and Intellectual Property Management
  • Performance Measurement (time, costs, assessment)
  • Grants Management, Billing
  • Reporting, Knowledge Management and Collaboration
  • Extensions for pharmaceutical and diagnostic development




  • Projectile Synergy
  • Portfolio- and alliance-management
  • Grants management
  • Pharmaceutical and diagnostic development