Patient-centric, integrated biomarker research and development hub

Patient-centric, integrated biomarker research and development hub

Within the framework of the Cluster for Individualized Immune Intervention (Ci3 e.V.), the project aims at developing a patient-centric, integrated biomarker, research and development hub involving public research institutions, transfer institutions and corporate partners. The implementation strategy includes the setup and realization of a complete modular platform and standardized processes, starting with biosample asservation in clinical centers, biobanking and diversified bioanalytics, bioinformatics with integrated bioanalytical and clinical outcome data from clinical cancer registries, and taking into account legal, ethical, privacy and data security regulatory frameworks. A unique and important feature is the development of processes suitable for industrial use, allowing rapid identification and assessment of cancer mutations in clinical patient samples.

The Rhine-Main Translational Cancer Research Network forms the clinical hub. The research network, which is supported by the German Consortium for Translational Cancer Research (DKTK), integrates the expertise of ten large hospitals and 400 clinical practices. With an annual number of 600,000 patients in the Rhine-Main region in the field of oncology alone, it has established itself as a federal-cross-border, quality-controlled biobanking center for tissue, blood and serum from newly diagnosed cancer patients.

A Rhine-Main bioanalysis hub will combine the complementary and outstanding know-how and the wide range of methods offered by top institutes and companies into proteomic (UCT Frankfurt, Rhine-Main Cancer Institute), lipidomic (Lipid Signaling Research Centre Frankfurt, LiFF), transcriptomic, genomic, metabolomic and immunomic biomarker platforms (TRON, UCT Mainz, University Medical Centre Mainz – Institute of Medical Biometry, Epidemiology and Computer Science (IMBEI)). Based on recommendations from the TMFs (Technology and Methods Platform for Networked Medical Research eV, and industry requirements, the aim is to harmonize, standardize, and optimize (i) biobanking, (ii) bioanalysis, and (iii) bioinformatics processes.

Access to and exchange of knowledge within the patient-centric, integrated biomarker research and development hub will be enabled by Internet-based research portals; i.e. via a Ci3 clinical trial portal that facilitates the accelerated and optimized recruitment of patients into clinical trials. Furthermore, additional Ci3-portals are envisaged for use by attending physicians, Ci3 researchers, as well as public portals for patients and physicians.


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