Fraunhofer IMM Open House 2019

Fraunhofer IMM Open House 2019

ADVANCED IN-PROCESS CONTROL: tailored - affordable - reliable - robust - precise

Five good reasons to join:

  • See live demonstrations of fully functional smart systems for process analysis and life science applications
  • Discover advanced sensors to optimize your processes involving fluids at industrial scale
  • Understand how to manufacture, functionalize and automate microtechnological analysis systems and sensors
  • Learn about the appropriate use of the required equipment
  • Go beyond - discuss your challenges with our experts and get inspired to open up new paths

Five sound opportunities to increase efficiency:

  • Spare hands-on time: novel microfluidic on-line measurements of ions and acids/bases
  • Save money: cost effective sizing and in-line measurement of nanoparticles
  • Reduce to the essential: small and micro sized sensors for Industrie 4.0
  • Speed-up analysis: on-line cell counting for improved food safety within hours instead of days
  • Narrow down the target: from 30 billion suspects to 30 arrested delinquents – isolation of circulating tumor cells

Discover new product ideas and parameters for monitoring equipment in manufacturing, food and beverage safety, bioreactors, engines, medical analysis and diagnostics at the Fraunhofer IMM Open House 2019!

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