"Advanced Training Programme" für Nachwuchswissenschaftler


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"Advanced Training Programme" für Nachwuchswissenschaftler

Careers in science are taking place in an increasingly complex and competitive international labour environment. As a consequence, to be successful young researchers need training in a variety of transferable skills in addition to their scientific training. The Advanced Training Programme (ATP) helps young life science researchers acquire these skills through of a range of lectures, workshops and other activities. Training events include courses on statistics for life science and biomedical researchers and transferable skills training regarding:

  • Scientific writing
  • Leadership and management skills
  • How to give effective presentations
  • Intellectual property rights and patenting

Furthermore, Career Days inform researchers of the range of vocations available to them and the skills needed to be successful within them. They feature presentations from representatives of multiple private and public sector employers and first-hand information regarding the speakers’ vocations and career paths. Furthermore, speakers give insights into the future opportunities within their sector. Seminars are complemented by podium discussions during which participants can address questions to the speakers, and workshops in transferable skills such as how to put together successful job applications and how to most effectively look for new jobs. The Career Days also provide networking opportunities for young researchers with industry representatives.

These training activities of the Ci3 ATP are complemented by a range of other training activities offered by IMB. This training is designed to provide young researchers with a wide breadth of skills and knowledge and will enable them to be successful in whatever future career they wish to take up.